How do you upgrade Aloy Genshin impact?

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How do you upgrade Aloy Genshin impact?, upgrade aloy in genshin impact

In order to upgrade the Aloy Character in Genshin Impact, You need to use Character Ascension resources and Mora, (the game’s in-game currency) Just follow the below steps to upgrade Aloy Genshin Impact


1. Collect Character Ascension materials: These materials are unique to each character and can be earned through taking on daily quests, finding treasure chests, or knocking down special bosses in the game.


2. Gather sufficient Mora: In order to develop a character, You will need a certain amount of Mora, which can be acquired in a variety of ways, such as by completing quests and defeating the enemy


3. Navigate to the character’s Ascension screen: From the main menu, select the “Characters” option, then select Aloy and choose the “Ascension” option.


4. Use the materials and Mora to ascend the character: On the Ascension screen, you will see a list of materials that are required to ascend the character, along with the current amount you have. If you have all the materials and enough Mora, you can select the “Ascend” button to begin the process.

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